Florida Missing Girls

Amber Alert Jessica Lunsford
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Investigators have identified a person of interest located outside Florida they want to interview in the case of missing 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford.

Sheriff Jeff Dawsy said in a statement today that although no one has been crossed off the list of possible suspects, detectives have developed information about a man living in an unidentified state.

The statement also states that red flags were raised in an F-B-I polygraph test given March fourth to the girl's grandmother regarding two of her responses.

But the sheriff says that investigators are unable to determine what, if anything, Ruth Lunsford might know about Jessica's disappearance.

The 73-year-old grandmother says that investigators have told the family nothing.

Jessica hasn't been seen since February 23rd after her grandmother tucked her into bed at the family's home about 60 miles north of Tampa.