Area Real Estate Sales

Real estate sales have been increasingly strong for the past four years all across the country and just this past year it was no different, especially for the Wiregrass.

Newly built homes are popping up everywhere and there are plenty of reasons why.

A recent survey by The Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce has shown a total of 16-percent increase just within the past decade.

Whether it's because of jobs, school systems, retirement or lower taxes it is not certain. But one thing that is known is that interest rates aren't hurting anything.

Allen Loyed, President of the Home Builder's Association says “people who wouldn't normally build are interested right now because money is relatively available.

And because you get more houses for the money, contractors have noticed a steady increase of 60 permits each year for the past three years.

The Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce says they don't predict these figures to cool down any time soon.