Overcrowded Bars Sited in Dothan

Overcrowded Bars

The Dothan Fire Department has cited several establishments for code violations. And now the fire department is cracking down on them for overcrowding.

They are the same problems that contributed to the deaths of more than 100 people two years ago in the Rhode Island nightclub fire.

And these problems are most common in Dothan nightclubs.

Dothan Fire Marshall Eddie Munn is doing something about it.

Munn says "We go and check club. We spot check. We don't let anyone know we're coming.”

On a first offense, they excuse a certain number of people from the establishment in order to stay within the occupancy limit. The second time that establishment is caught, it's shut down.

Munn also says "In the past, our night club owners had a hard time understanding the safety issues, but over the past two years, we've done enough education that they're now seeing the value of providing safety."

Fire officials say all establishments should meet the minimum Alabama code laws.