Houston County Emergency Warning Sirens

Tornadoes are very common in the Southeast, but an early warning system can save many lives.

The Houston County Commission just awarded a bid to Fort Walden Communications to place sirens across Houston County and within Dothan city limits.

These sirens are for Homeland Security, bad weather and even chemical spills.

By summer, there should be 22 sirens around the area.

  • Houston County Library
  • Beaver Creek Treatment Area
  • AAA Cooper on Kinsey Road
  • Purdue Manufacturing
  • Donna Drive and Travis Road
  • West Carroll Street
  • Jamestown Boulevard
  • North Denton Road
  • Northside Fire Station
  • Burbank Drive
  • West Side Fire Station
  • Earline Drive
  • Lakewood Drive
  • Third Avenue Extension
  • Town of Rehobeth
  • Town of Taylor
  • Town of Wicksburg
  • Town of Kinsey
  • Town of Webb
  • Town of Cowarts
  • Town of Cottonwood
  • Town of Madrid