Jail Overcrowding

Geneva County officials say something has to be done immediately about the jail overcrowding. They are spending 60 to 70-thousand dollars a year to transport overflow inmates to other jails.

Officials are exploring several options that may solve the problem.

Geneva County Jail inmates are often leaving five people to a two person cell.

Attempting to help with the problem of overcrowding, Sheriff Greg Ward looked at fiberglass dome buildings that could be a quick fix to house the non-violent criminals.

Right now the overflow inmates are going to neighboring counties for a ten dollar fee. That may end soon because those counties are receiving four times that for federal inmates.

The Geneva County Jail holds 42 inmates but there are 47 and may be 58 by the middle of this week. Jail officials think a new jail is the answer, but that's not in the current budget.

The commission will also be looking at metal buildings for the inmates. They will compare the two and then make their decision.