New Brockton Bypass Speed Limit Concerns

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There is concern over the proposed 65-mile per hour speed limit for the soon-to-open New Brockton Bypass. The town's high school is within a few hundred yards of that roadway.

Next month, the long anticipated New Brockton Bypass is expected to open. The speed limit will be 65-miles-per-hour.

However, the bypass comes within 150-yards of the school.

New Brockton High School Principal Gary Glass said, "Safety is our top priority as a school while they are hear. And also the safety while they are on school buses."

New Brockton Mayor Charles Cole is trying to make it safer for students going to the high school.

Mayor Cole says the town is looking at placing rumble strips and speed humps leading from the bypass to the school.

"Hoping that we can do something to lower that speed limit,” Mayor Cole said. “I'm working with the state and our legislators."

Lou Emma Creech and her husband live at the entrance where the bypass connects with Highway 84. She's concerned about noise and safety. "It'll benefit a lot of people on that side,” she says. “But I do believe it'll increase the number of accidents here."

An Alabama Department of Transportation spokesman tells News 4 that New Brockton's concerns about the speed limit are being investigated.

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