General Fund

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A House committee is expected to vote Friday on a budget for non-education state agencies.

The budget adopts some of the recommendations from Gov. Riley's proposed spending plans. But the committee's version spends less money from the education budget for programs traditionally funded by the General Fund.

After a more than three-hour meeting this afternoon, the House Government Finance and Appropriations Committee adjourned without

Voting on the budget. Committee chairman Representative John Knight of Montgomery says the committee will reconvene at 8 a.m. Friday.

The $1.53 billion budget funds government agencies mostly at the same level recommended by the governor in his proposed budget. But the governor's proposed spending plans took about $70 million in programs that traditionally got their money from the General Fund and funded them from the education budget.

The budget presented to the committee by Knight spends $15 million from the education budget on those programs that had been in the education budget.