Six Killed Trial

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A new trial will be held in late May for Westley Devon Harris. He's the Crenshaw County man accused of gunning down six members of his girlfriend's family. But a different set of prosecutors will handle the case.

The state attorney general's office took over the prosecution of the capital murder case after District Attorney John Andrews stepped down as lead prosecutor, citing the possibility of being subpoenaed by the defense as a witness in the second trial. It is scheduled to start May 23.

Meanwhile, Harris and his defense attorneys withdrew a request for a change of venue despite pushing for a different location for nearly two years.

During the trial, the district attorney weighed most of his death penalty case on the testimony of Harris' girlfriend, Janice Ball, who was 16 at the time of the 2002 slayings.

A mistrial was declared Nov. 15 because of jury tampering.

Teresa Rogers of Luverne is serving a 90-day jail sentence for contacting at least two members of the jury and promising Harris a hung jury.

Another former juror, Willie Fred Johnson, also awaits his own trial date for lying about his contacts with Rogers during the trial.