ALDOT Looking At Few Changes to Ross Clark Circle to Improve Traffic Issues

The Alabama Department of Transportation is looking to make several key changes to the Westside of the Ross Clark Circle affecting local traffic.

Authorities are looking at the Westside of the circle between Highway 84 and Montgomery Highway.

The changes might include the addition of two lanes as well as traffic lights.

ALDOT authorities are in the process of analyzing traffic data in the area before any actions are taken on the three mile stretch of road.

City Traffic Engineer Charles Metzger says, “That section of the Ross Clark Circle and 231 car volumes have gotten up to 35,000 cars a day. So, it just can't handle it with a four lane. So it's got to be widened, you gotta' have additional lanes; traffic lights can only do so much."

Along with work on the circle, the city is close to purchasing the land required to widen the intersection of Honeysuckle and Fortner Street.

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