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An attorney representing fired HealthSouth C-E-O Richard Scrushy attacked the credibility of a main prosecution witness today. Lawyer Jim Parkman claimed former finance chief Mike Martin who linked Scrushy to a huge fraud is on a mood-altering drug.

Martin was on the witness stand for the sixth straight day. Parkman asked Martin about his prescription for Lexapro -- a medication used for depression and anxiety disorders. Martin said he's been taking the drug since the summer of 2003.

Parkman tried to boost claims that executives under Scrushy committed the fraud on their own to get rich. Parkman brought out that Martin had a net worth of as much as ten (m) million dollars when he paid more than two-point-four (m) million dollars in forfeitures and fines for his role in the scheme.

Martin also testified he owns slightly more than half of another health care company worth (m) millions.

Prosecutors accuse Scrushy of leading a fraud to inflate HealthSouth earnings by some two-point-seven (b) billion dollars from 1996 through 2002.