Prescription Drugs-Discount

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A group of drug-makers is promoting a new discount card that could help millions of Americans save on prescriptions.

The Together R-X Access Card saves members a-quarter to 40 percent and maybe even more on more than 275 brand-name drugs and many generic drugs. To get the card, people must meet income and age requirements.

A top program official says the card is "free to get, it's free to use and the savings are real."

To get a card, applicants must be under 65, not eligible for Medicare and have no other drug coverage. They also must have incomes lower than a set threshold.

The head of the consumer group Families-USA calls the card "a positive step," but says it shows "the need for governmental action" to expand coverage.

In the past four years, the number of uninsured Americans has climbed from 40 to 45 (m) million. A program official says the card could cover 80 percent of Americans who are uninsured and don't carry prescription drug coverage.