Flying J To Appeal To Circuit Courts

Flying J Truck Stop is one of the most popular stations in the nation among travelers. And for years, Dothan was hoping to get on the bandwagon. But, the idea has just been shut down following controversy over development plans.

Safety has been the primary concern in this controversy for years. And today, those advocating this issue were heard.

After a four to three vote, Dothan’s city commissioners agreed for the second time in two months. The vote went "all in favor of over-ruling the planning commission in developing these plans raise your right hands, please. Opposed, okay. The appeal is denied”.

Now those fighting this battle are looking forward to resuming their lives in their peaceful neighborhood.

But, Flying J has something else in mind.

Mike Eades with Flying J says "we were hoping we would not have to go to the next stage, but we don't quit and we feel like we will be successful in the long run. So we'll continue to work on it."

And at this point, Flying J feels as though there's no other choice than to go to the next step...which is court.

One of the biggest risks for the Cloverdale community is if this does go to court, they could lose all the extra agreements Flying J made to appease the neighbors.