Highway 84 in New Brockton

When New Brockton residents learned weeks ago that the state highway department was planning on building a wider Highway 84 around, and not through the town, that news was bad enough.

But as News 4’s Carlos Torres reports, it looks like traffic might be completely diverted from New Brockton altogether.

Patty Blanton put all of her savings into Unique Boutique in New Brockton just two months ago. Blanton says that if the state road bypasses the town, it could close her business.

The state wants to widen Highway 84, but bypass it around the town. The state also wants to close off both main entrances to new Brockton on either side.

Mayor Charles Cole held a town meeting so residents could discuss the issue with community leaders, and the tone was rather upbeat.

Cole says, “We really feel that even if we don't get exactly what we want, we can compromise to the point where we all feel comfortable with what we're trying to do. Hopefully, we'll get it to remain open.”

Next Monday officials with the state will visit New Brockton for another town meeting and explain to residents their reasons for the plan.