Geneva County Jail Overcrowding

Jail space is becoming scarce in one Wiregrass jail.

Geneva County Sheriff Greg Ward has been taking the overflow of prisoners to surrounding facilities.

Housing inmates elsewhere is costing Geneva County between five and six-thousand dollars a month.

The overflow of prisoners are being transported from the Geneva County Jail to a facility in Conecuh County.

Sheriff Greg Ward says he has inmates sleeping in the day room where prisoners are supposed to eat and shower

The jail was built in the mid-1960's for a capacity of 40, but the jail often has more than 50.

Probate Judge and County Commission Chairman Harry Adkison says numerous avenues must be looked at before building a new jail.

Several residents WTVY News 4 spoke with agreed that building a new jail might be the answer, but they want to know how it'll be paid for.

Sheriff Ward says if nothing is done, the federal courts could get involved and order that a new facility be built.

On Thursday night at 6 o'clock, Sheriff Ward and the Geneva County Commission will hold a workshop at the courthouse to discuss the jail.