Florida Voting

There are a few problems cropping up with Florida's voting Tuesday, though they're minor compared to how things have gone in the past two statewide elections.

There have been some optical scanner problems in Brevard, Seminole and Orange counties, though officials said they're now fixed. The poll opened 20 minutes late in one Winter Park precinct, forcing some voters to drive off.

Elsewhere, voting machines malfunctioned at a South Miami precinct. An electrician was called to a Broward County precinct running on battery power. But overall, things are going well despite some long lines. That's blamed largely on the 10 state constitutional amendments, which are a bit lengthy. Some Broward voters face nearly three dozen ballot choices.

Both candidates for governor voted at Methodist churches Tuesday morning. Gov. Jeb Bush voted in the affluent Miami suburb of Coral Gables, while Bill McBride voted in rural Thonotosassa.