Sniper Shootings

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There's a detention hearing Tuesday in Greenbelt, Maryland for sniper suspect John Allen Muhammad.

Prosecutors will make their case for holding Muhammad until trial. Under federal law, they have until Thursday to secure an indictment against him.

The other sniper suspect -- 17-year-old John Lee Malvo -- appeared at a two-hour closed hearing in Baltimore Monday. He was ordered detained and the orders and records were sealed.

Guards stood outside the courtroom and windows on the courtroom doors were papered over.

Police in Montgomery have filed capital murder charges against Muhammad and Malvo. Alabama is among several states seeking to prosecute the two men.

Attorney General John Ashcroft hasn't determined yet which jurisdiction will try the suspects first. Senior Justice Department officials said that decision could come later this week.

One source said Virginia's strong death penalty statute could put that state first in line. It permits the execution of a 17-year-old.