Bush-Social Security

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President Bush is lashing out at his Social Security foes, saying they're using "scare tactics" and trying to thwart his plans, for political gain.

At a forum in New Jersey, he declared, "We've seen enough of this." He says it's time to end the "deadlock" in Washington and salvage a system going broke.

Bush is also stumping in Indiana Friday, as he kicks off a 60-day, 60-stop tour that also features Vice President Cheney and other top officials.

Bush has proposed diverting payroll taxes to investment accounts, hoping their earnings will make up for retirement benefits that Social Security can't afford to pay. But his opponents say it's a risky plan that'll heap (T) trillions on the national debt.
Coinciding with Bush's visits, Democrats are running ads stressing that Bush's plan includes yet-to-be-defined cuts in Social Security's fixed benefits.