Martha Stewart Released

Martha Stewart
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Martha Stewart says "it feels great" to be home.

She exchanged banter this morning with journalists camped out on the other side of a fence around her 153-acre estate. She fed treats to her horses and caressed their muzzles -- afterward asking reporters, "see how pretty the horses look?"

About her red Chow Chow dog, Stewart said, "he missed me a lot." And then she joked, "Watch out for Paw Paw. He's a watchdog."

Chatting on the subject of breakfast, Stewart says she's missed "the idea of cappuccino" more than the actual drink during her five months in a West Virginia prison.

Stewart will spend the next five months under house arrest at her multi-million dollar estate. She's allowed to collect her $900,000 salary and entertain colleagues and friends, as long as no convicted felons are invited.