Temic Poisoning of Cattle

A Gordon cattle farmer is missing nearly one-third of his herd because they were poisoned.

The deadly chemical, Temik, is restricted to anyone without an applicator permit and is most used by farmers during planting season.

But, if touched or ingested by humans or livestock, the chemical directly affects the central nervous system and can kill within minutes.

Sheriff Lamar Glover says that "for someone to do this to animals -- that's just the lowest form of cruelty that I know of that you can inflict upon an animal."

When the cattle were first found dead, Ingalls was out of town. Upon returning, he and a friend immediately picked up on subtle clues.

Ingalls said "most of the time, there are buzzards flying here. I said, 'no buzzards are flying.' He said, 'well you can look for poison.' So he came on down here. Well I was moving dead cows. He walked over to all those rows of hay and said, 'here it is.'"

The Temik was in corn-meal form and blended with the hay. At first it appeared to them as a fire-ant bed. But after examination, he knew it wasn’t a fire ant bed.

It’s a problem Ingalls feels was done intentionally and has a few ideas on who may have done it. But, right now, there are no solid leads.

The crime will take a heavy toll, not only on Ingalls present but his future. The cross breed of Brahma and Angus cattle was also his breeding stock for the upcoming year.

Ingalls is posting an eight-thousand dollar reward to get to the bottom of this, five-thousand of it is his own money.

Anyone with information on the incident should call the Houston County Sheriff's Department at 677-4882.