Police Seek Adventureland Vandals

The Dothan Police are looking for vandals who created their own adventure at Adventureland early Friday morning.

Adventureland is known for its go-carts, game room and bumper boats. Now, however, there will be at least a 2 month wait to use the bumper boats. When Adventureland's Grounds Manager Michael Connor came to work Friday, he knew it would be a busy day. Vandals had slit the tubes on the bumper boats, and many had fallen to the bottom of the bumper pool. Vandals also slit tires on the go-carts. This is the first major incident that has happened at the amusement park in 12 years.

Although damages are still being totaled, it is estimated that repairs will cost at least 50 thousand dollars for the bumper boats. Anyone with information about the vandalism may call the Dothan Police Department at (334) 615-3604. Adventureland owner Johnny Jones has filed a complaint with the police. He believes the parks security cameras will help identify those responsible for the damage.