Governor Bush and Secretary Powell Visit South Asia

Governor Jeb Bush has dealt with four major hurricanes in Florida. Now he hopes to help assess the major damage left from tsunamis in Thailand and Indonesia.

The governor and Secretary of State Colin Powell will lead a delegation to South Asia on Sunday. The group will then report back to the governor's brother, President Bush, on what the United States should do to help.

U-S State Department officials say the governor plans to leave Sunday and join Powell in a trip tentatively scheduled to last until Thursday.

Thailand and Indonesia are on the itinerary, but officials say visits to other devastated countries are possible.

Sunday's nine-point-oh magnitude quake struck just off the coast of Sumatra, sending walls of water racing across the Indian Ocean and wiping out coastal areas in eleven nations. More than 120-thousand people were killed and countless more were left homeless and in danger of contracting disease.