Voter Registration

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Secretary of State Nancy Worley must consult with an advisory board before she can award a two million dollar contract for a new voter registration system. The opinion was issued by Attorney General Troy King.

The voter advisory panel has not met since Worley took office in January 2003. State Auditor Beth Chapman had asked King for the opinion. Worley, who was unavailable for comment, previously said she did not have the authority to call a meeting of the advisory board.

But Worley has consulted with several circuit clerks and other officials concerning the new system. Autauga County Circuit Clerk Whit Moncrief said Worley called him and several others to a Montgomery meeting on Wednesday to "vote" by secret ballot on which system should get the contract. He said he thought it strange that he was asked to vote on a computer system because circuit clerks don't have anything to do with voter registration.