Clio Residents Update

Earlier last week News 4 reported to you about a neighborhood fistfight in Clio.

The spat involved one neighbor that didn't speak English, and another who did not speak Spanish.

News 4’s Carlos Torres talked to a lot more people and got a better idea on what the repercussions are when a town has an entire population that simply cannot communicate.

Mayor Jack Palfrey is a Clio native who returned to his hometown to find some historic familiars, but also a new hurdle. Trailer parks and run-down apartment complexes full of Mexican immigrants who do not speak any English.

Most, if not all these Mexicans are here illegally. And that has made them very camera shy. That desire to stay under the radar is also the reason they don't acquire car insurance, driver’s license or a home. Their main objective is to work at the nearby plants and send money back to Mexico, where the dollar is a treasure.

Clio’s police chief says Mexicans have been pulled over many times for driving without the proper documentation.

There are also problems for Hispanics, but locals are starting to turn it around.

Michelle Valiente is one of a handful of locals that knows their language and she has become the town translator.

And Mayor Palfrey knows the assimilation has to start somewhere.