Griswold Cold Case Murder Investigation

Dive teams combed the Choctawhatchee River for leads in a 13-year-old unsolved murder case.

The body of Firna "Lucky" Griswold was found in December 1991 on a boat landing off Highway Two in Holmes County.

The Geneva Cotton Mill worker had been fatally shot.

Dive crews from the Bay County Sheriff's Department along with Florida State University Police of Panama City searched a 75-yard area of the river bottom yesterday (Thursday).

News 4 has learned that they're looking for the shotgun reportedly used in the killing.

Holmes County officials won't say if the weapon was found, but they did tell us that the search filled in several pieces to the murder mystery which reportedly began in Geneva.

If you have any information in the Griswold murder, contact the Holmes County Sheriff's Department at 850-547-3681.