State Lottery Debate

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A study released by a group opposed to a state lottery said every Alabama resident would have to buy at least $147 in lottery tickets annually to generate the $200 million that Gov. Don Siegelman promotes in his lottery proposal.

The conservative Alabama Policy Institute released a study on Monday, estimating that Alabama residents put about $150 million every year into the Georgia and Florida lotteries.

The group said Alabama would have to sell $645 million worth of lottery tickets to generate $200 million dollars for education, as Siegelman has proposed in his re-election campaign.

Nationwide, 38 states and the District of Columbia have state-run lotteries. About half of the proceeds go to prizewinners, about 35 percent for state coffers and the remainder for administration and advertising.

In response to the study, Siegelman campaign spokesman Rip Andrews said voters have a clear choice in the Nov. 5 election because the Democratic governor promises a lottery and his Republican opponent, Bob Riley, vows to kill it.