Dothan Kitchen Fire

An elderly woman is forced to leave her home after a kitchen fire.

74-year-old Louisa Edge was cooking when the phone rang. She went to answer it, and within minutes, her kitchen was in flames.

Dothan Fire Department responded to the call around 2:00 Tuesday afternoon. It took about one hour and three engine trucks to put the flames out.

Neighbors immediately came to her aid and rushed her to the street. As for her home, it won't be the same.

Soot damage and strong odors will keep her and her family out of the home. Their next couple of weeks will be spent with friends and relatives, as insurance and clean-up crews try to repair the damage.

Dothan Fire Department wants to make it clear that if you're ever faced with a grease fire, the best thing to do is smother it with baking soda and a lid -- then call 911. Never try to extinguish it with water.