Fraudulent Check Scheme

If you're a local business owner, “beware!” There’s a fraudulent check scheme going on in the area and you could be a victim.

Since November, $12,000 in fraudulent payroll checks have been written and that number may keep rising if business owners don't take precautions.

Police say they can't reiterate these preventive check fraud measures enough:

  • Fingerprint
  • Signature
  • At least two forms of identification

    Men and women are attempting to cash business checks at local businesses. Usually the culprits are internet and hi-tech savvy, and travel in groups but spread throughout different counties.

    With that knowledge they'll go to office supply stores, get payroll paper, some printing equipment, stolen ID and they have a check.

    Authorities say that most of the crooks try and strike on the weekends because they know that check processing is a little slower.