12th Anniversary of Unsolved Ozark Murder

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(Dothan, AL) -
Friends and family are still struggling to make sense of it all.

There are good days and bad days as usual, same song and dance,” Cheryl Burgoon, mother of J.B. Beasley said. “I’ve felt good for a while and then all of the sudden it’s the anniversary weekend and I just want to cry, I'm a mess,” she said.

J.B Beasely and Tracie Hawlett were murdered nearly twelve years ago. The girls were out celebrating J.B.'s birthday and got lost in Ozark after leaving a party. They called Tracie’s parents, but never came home. A few days later they were found in the trunk of J.B.’s car. Both of the girls were shot in the back of the head. They were only seventeen.

"I haven't spent the past twelve years hating, I have done nothing but hurt,” Burgoon said. “I miss her and hurt for the public, I see them hurting and I don't have the strength to be out there to hold them up, but they want to hold us up, the mothers, you know, which is a beautiful thing,” she said.

J.B.'s mother Cheryl says she only wants to catch the person who did this to the love of her life and wants peace for the community. She also wants people to remember her daughter before the murder.

“She was a sparkle of life, she was loud and fun and you know mom might have been her little calm down J.B, you know, “Burgoon said. “She was vivacious, she was beautiful, she was smart,” she said.

As for the future, Cheryl has some advice for other parents coping with a loss of a child as well.

"Hope that we'll see them again, I believe that we'll see them again, that's all I can give them,” Burgoon said.

Investigators say, they're confident that one day they will solve this case.

This weekend is J.B.'s birthday; she would have been 29 years old.

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