Crenshaw County School Board Decision

Five Brantley school students were suspended, and after going to court last week, two of the cases were thrown out of juvenile court.

But now the Crenshaw County School Board has decided that the fate of one of those cases that was thrown out will be a one year suspension.

According to testimony from an area psychologist, nine students testified that one of the young men had conducted himself inappropriately in front of students.

Though his case was thrown out of court he had to appear before the Crenshaw County School Board to see if he could return to school.

And last night, the school board said, "No way." His parents plan to appeal the decision.

Two of the students are seeking legal council, and have postponed their school board hearings.

School rules state that if a student misses 20 consecutive days, they'll be held back. Wednesday made day 16.