Governor's Debate

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Gov. Siegelman portrayed Congressman Bob Riley as a tax slacker and Riley called Siegelman a failed governor.

Riley said there are 30,000 more Alabamians unemployed today than when Siegelman took office in 1999 and the average annual income of families has dropped $3,000.

Siegelman held up a stack of liens placed against Riley for unpaid property taxes on a Tuscaloosa County home and recounted how Riley didn't pay of his 1994 income taxes until 2001. He said that all together, Riley hadn't paid $40,000.

The Republican congressman said that all of his Tuscaloosa taxes were paid in full. And he said the reason his 1994 taxes weren't totally paid until 2001 was because he wasn't audited until 1997 and didn't get a final judgment until 2001.