Enterprise residents face fines

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Monday is the deadline for enterprise residents to comply with a new e-911 ordinance.
The new rule calls for uniformity in displaying addresses.

As it stands right now if your address isn't visible by Monday you could see a bill by late January. a price to pay for safety because as officials put it a visible address could save your life. As Fire Chief Byron Herring said on Friday

“in a life or death situation it can mean death in a matter of seconds if you get to the right address or not. When our guys are going down the street it's very frustrating not to be able to determine where the location is.”

Determining that address is the key part of last month's e911 ordinance, giving residents till Monday December 31st to post their address clearly so that emergency personnel can easily locate them. Lon Jones has been fielding calls on the ordinance since it came out on November 6th.

“curb addresses are not acceptable to reach this requirement” Said Jones “ they have to be on the mailboxes or the house, we prefer the house,"

At the end of 30 days after the deadline, residents will see a 50 dollar fine...and every set of 30 days after that it's going to cost you 50 dollars more.

"When you put the numbers up go across the street in the dark shine a flash flashlight at the house if you can see the numbers they're all right if you cant see them that means the ambulance fire and policemen cant either." Said Jones.

the ordinance applies to businesses as well, according to the city if there are people in any building there needs to be a visible address.

To see all the illustrations for address uniformity ... you can check out the city of enterprise website at www.cityofenterprise.net