Sniper Shootings Update

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A witness said police in Virginia had been watching a van for about 10 minutes before suddenly storming the vehicle and pulling a man out.

Pathenia Fields works at a car dealership next to the Richmond-area gas station where the van was seized Monday.

She said police had been in the dealership, watching the van through binoculars for about 10 minutes before making their move.

"Just out of the blue, a whole swarm of police officers pulled out their guns and went across the street," Field said. She said they "pulled their guns on the person and pulled him out."

The owner of the car dealership said a man had gotten out of the van and was talking on a pay phone next to where the van was parked.

He said three officers with military-style assault rifles had been crouching behind a pillar in front of the dealership, before rushing the van.

Fields said the van had temporary tags. As a title clerk, she said, that's the first thing she notices.