Amber Alert

Authorities are searching in three states this morning for two young brothers who police say were abducted from a relative's home by their mother.

Police say the boys are two and seven years old. They are believed to be with their mother, Angela Howard, and an unidentified man after they were taken from a home near Panama City.

Springfield police say Howard may have a weapon and the boys could be in danger.

Authorities in Florida, Georgia and Alabama were alerted to look out for the boys after an Amber Alert was issued.

Police say Howard took the boys yesterday after barging into the home of the boys' great aunt and uncle.

Howard allegedly hit a woman who was holding the two-year-old boy and took him away from her. Police say Howard then took the seven-year-old from the front yard, loaded the children into a white Mercury and drove away.

The brothers had been removed from Howard's care two weeks ago
by the state Department of Children and Families and placed in the care of their great aunt and uncle.