Jackson County Shooting

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Authorities arrested two individuals in connection with a shooting in Malone Florida.

It was sometime before noon on December 11th when David Thomas of Malone and his passenger were ambushed by a gunman who fired multiple shots into their window. Thomas was able to escape without injury thanks to the attackers gun jamming.

Jackson County Sheriff’s Major John Dennis said the gun, "Actually jammed on the first round. The young man attempted to clear the weapon so he could fire the gun again and that gave Mr. Thomas some time to get a little distance between him and the gun."

On Wednesday, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office arrested 18-year-old Jarvise Baker and 19-year-old Steven Thomas in connection with that shooting.

However, that violent scene was only the first that week, because that Saturday, 18-year-old Joshua Smith died from a gunshot wound to the head that was initially thought to be self inflicted, making two shootings for a normally quiet neighborhood.

Neighborhood resident Willie Mae Joiner said, "It was kinda’ devastating, because we have kids playing around here all the time. Luckily, they were in school; [it’s a] good thing they were in school.”

As the investigation continues into both shootings, more information comes out about Baker and Thomas. Thomas is the first cousin of the victim in the shooting in Malone and both could know more about the death of Joshua Smith.

Dennis added, "These young men were also in the residence that night; they've given us statements; they've cooperated with the investigation."