Adopts Alabama

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Jill Holland says she'll name her book: A Martian Landed in Alabama.

The nurse with a specialty in aromatherapy arrived in Calhoun County from Australia on what was supposed to be a brief visit.

A British national, she was stranded in Alabama some eight months ago when her passport was stolen.

She finally got it back and is flying home, but she'll be back. The 56-year-old woman says she's going to apply for citizenship because of her experiences in Alabama.

When her purse was snatched in an Oxford grocery store parking lot August Second, shoppers congregated around her and rushed to get the details of the car fleeing with her purse.

Everybody in the car lot came together to help her.

You're told in America you can lie down dead on the road and they'll walk over you, but Holland says that's not true in Alabama.

Alabama, she says, is different from any Western society Holland has ever known.

Holland wants to thank all those who extended a helping hand, including the check-out girls at Wal-Mart.

And she'll be back because, she says, "I just feel I'm meant to be here."