Pennies for Progress has Successful Year

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It has been in the works for almost a year now, collecting more than a million dollars to improve the city of Dothan.

Business Owner Keith Whatford just moved to Dothan to open his business and says though he likes where he's located, the streets pose a potential danger. "This is very dangerous and a bad intersection,” he says. “The traffic coming off of 52 trying to go onto Beverly Road; it's very congested."

That’s why Whatford isn't opposed to the Pennies for Progress Campaign, which has collected its target amount for 2007.

Dothan Mayor Pat Thomas said, "So far, starting January 1st of last year, probably we have received $11 million dollars or so. Actually, another million has been collected, but will be remitted to us until the first of next month."

Mayor Thomas says the campaign collects roughly $1 million dollars a month through the added one-cent sales tax, repaving two major intersections to date and 60 roads.

He says not everyone agrees with the increased tax; however, it's shown major improvements. "When people have their roads repaved, when the police get a $12 million dollar communication system, when we're improving roads and intersections for the first time in years, those particular people are very happy."

The tax is broken up into three sections: four percent for the state, four percent for the city and one percent for the county.

However, Whatford says he isn't concerned about the tax, as long as intersections like his are improved.

Mayor Thomas says there are already plans in the making for improvements in the New Year.

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