Geneva County Murder

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A love triangle resulted in a shooting in Geneva County.

One man is dead, another behind bars facing a murder charge.

Eyewitnesses say the fatal altercation occurred around 1AM, outside a mobile home in Geneva County's Hacoda Community.

Two men were reportedly arguing over a woman who lived inside the residence. At one point, 18-year-old Matthew Leske allegedly fired a rifle shot, which killed 21-year-old Brent Cook.

"I heard a noise, not sure what it was. A young lady renting the house next door started to scream. She ran to our front door, and told us that a young man had been shot," says Jerry Gilmore, a neighbor.

Authorities say Leske was the current friend of the young woman and that the victim was the ex-boyfriend.

A fist-fight reportedly progressed to where the suspect fired the fatal shot.

"Apparently there had been some arguments between the girlfriend and the victim. But we don't know what led to the fatal shot. It’s a sad, sad thing," says Geneva County Sheriff Greg Ward.

Sheriff Ward says this is another sad example of domestic violence, which goes up during the holiday period. "It would be safe to say that violence does go up, but that doesn't explain something that should happen, or not."

Leske is being held in the Geneva County Jail.

His first appearance will most likely be Thursday morning in a Geneva County courtroom.