Property Tax Deadline Drawing Near

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David Rebon and his wife didn't waste any time Wednesday morning, heading downtown to pay their property taxes. "We always pay before the end of the year so we won't have to pay any penalties," he said.

Rebon is among many who have waited until December to pay their property taxes, just days before the deadline.

Starla Moss Matthews, with Revenue Services, said, "Their due October 1st, but their not delinquent until after December 1st. So, you actually have any time between that three month period to pay those taxes."

Matthews says there has been a good amount of people who have already paid, but for those who don't make the deadline, could risk losing their home.

However, if you're having trouble making it to the office, there is an alternative.

Matthews says there is no need to worry; if you can't make it to the office by the December 1st deadline, as long as it is postmarked by that date, put it in the mail and you're good to go. "There's no additional fee to mail them in as long as their post-marked by the 31st," she says.

Rebon and his wife said they’re not taking any chances with their home and are glad to have that bill out of the way

Matthews says the building will be closed on Monday and Tuesday; however, it will reopen on Wednesday, giving those procrastinators one last chance to make that deadline.

Matthews also adds property owners who miss the deadline have until May until their home is sold. However, they have three years to redeem it after paying the required payments.

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