Christmas Dinner for the Needy

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Another Christmas Day comes and goes.

For many people, it’s an enjoyable day of family and tradition, but for some, it’s another day of not knowing where their next meal will come from.

Twenty volunteers gave their time on Tuesday at the Dothan Rescue Mission to help serve dinner to citizens who are in need of love and support.

"It makes the day a little bit brighter for some. Some are staying here in the shelter; they have no place to go, so we try and make it a family, as much as a family environment as we can. Sharing our hope and love with each person," says Brad Hardy, executive director of the Dothan Rescue Mission.

Those who attended Tuesday’s lunch were served ham, turkey, dressing, green beans, and a variety of desserts.

It was a time for those without a home or a family to know that they are not alone, and have fellow citizens to share the holiday with.

"It’s very important, you know for people and families out there that don't have anybody or anywhere else to go, or have anything to eat. They know they can come to the Dothan Rescue Mission to get a nice hot meal served with love on Christmas Day," says Claudia Bland, kitchen supervisor.

Because of the weather, the turnout was not as large as expected, but volunteers did the best they could to make sure no one went hungry.

“Today is rainy and cold and there may be some people in the community that will have meal tickets that will probably come and pick up a meal and take it back home or to the elderly today," said Volunteer Linda Allen.

Thanks to the attendees and those who helped, the true meaning of Christmas was brought upon Dothan.

The Dothan Rescue Mission relies on donations from the community to help those in need.

To donate, you call them at 794-4637.

They are also in need of a new gas stove to cook for the homeless and would appreciate anyone who could help.