Students Suspended

Some area residents are divided over recent suspensions at one Wiregrass town's only public school.

Five Brantley school 6th graders were suspended over an incident involving a 6th grade female student.

Two of the suspended students are back in class, while three remain out of school.

The parents of the students who remain on suspension are very confused and worried.

Crenshaw County District Judge Thomas Sport held juvenile court in regard to the case of the five sixth grade boys and sixth grade girl. Since the matter involves twelve and thirteen-year-olds, the matter is sealed from he public.

But, News 4 has learned that two of the boys served a five day suspension and the other three remain on indefinite suspension. Friday marks the fifteenth day they've been out of classes.

The principal had no comment and the school board superintendent referred all questions to the board’s attorney.

Late Thursday afternoon, board attorney Michael Jones contacted News 4 by phone but he would not respond to any questions in regard to the suspensions.

Parents of the suspended students say their kids’ disciplinary issue will be discussed at the March 14 Crenshaw County school board meeting. But that's almost a month from now. They fear their children will be forced to repeat the sixth-grade next year.