Jail Attempted Escape

Plans for a great escape fell apart for a group of men being held in the Houston County Jail. They face additional charges that could keep them in jail even longer.

Wednesday morning, the gut instincts of corrections officer Amelia Jackson paid off. She was working the night shift, but when an inmate was let out of his cell to shower, his strange behavior told her something just wasn't right.

Sheriff Lamar Glover tells News 4 “The corrections officer being as observant that she was, noticed that he slid something under this cell and when he come back he went to use the phone, and when he come back he picked it up again and it was a cord.”

The cord was from a broken air conditioner, along with soap, string, hair gel, and a few other items Richard Reese, David Wilson and James Bailey tried to escape.

The three men already had charges against them ranging from methamphetamine use to capital murder. What is interesting is how they tried to use the items to escape.

Glover says “they made a wick out of dental floss and they would light that and generate a spark, they would light this, so they could melt the molding around the window.” When the molding began to melt they covered it up with this piece of cardboard.

Speechless when arrested, they now face charges that will add $100,000 to their bonds.

The sheriff also says he's not sure how long they'd been trying to escape.

The three men are on 23-hour lock-down, and Glover says the tight rules are only going to get tougher.