The Playground Violations

One Wiregrass business is now in trouble with the U. S. Labor Department.

The Playground has been issued fines for more than $11,000.

The center allegedly allowed minors to work in violation of the youth employment provisions of the fair labor standards act.

Investigators found that eight 14 and 15-year olds were employed as bakers and allowed to operate industrial ovens.

Also, 11 14 and 15-year old employees were allowed to work past 7 p.m. or more than three hours on a school day, past 9 p.m. during the Summer or more than eight hours on non-school days.

The assistant district director in Montgomery says baking and operating ovens in a work environment is too hazardous for teens under the age of 16 and working too many hours can jeopardize students' health and interfere with their education.