Sick Days

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More Americans are calling out sick for reasons that have nothing to do with being sick.

A study from the business information group CCH Incorporated said more workers are taking sick days for family issues, stress and other personal reasons.

It could be a sign of changing attitudes since 9-11.

The study finds the overall rate of unscheduled absences is about the same. But unscheduled absences for personal reasons are up by four percent from two years ago. Absences for stress are up seven percent.

The study said only one-third of unscheduled days off are because of actual illness.

Even though the absence rate is about the same, the cost to employers is higher. The study said that might reflect rising health insurance costs and higher salaries.

Another business group said it also might be because employers have cut back on their staff in recent years, making it harder to replace workers when they're out.