Harris Trial Tampering

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A Luverne woman has been sentenced to 90 days in jail on a jury tampering charge that led to a mistrial in the capital murder trial of Westley Devon Harris.

Harris is accused of killing six members of his girlfriend's family.

35-year-old Teresa Rogers was charged with two counts of jury tampering, but was found guilty on only one of the charges. She was also ordered to pay $500.

At a Crenshaw County bench trial Thursday, prosecutors played a recording of a phone conversation in November between Rogers and Harris, who was awaiting the outcome of his trial in jail.

In the recording, Rogers assures Harris of a hung jury and tells him she would talk to three jurors.

Rogers later admitted to contacting jurors. One juror, Willie Fred Johnson, was charged with perjury and is awaiting his own trial.

Prosecutors say a new trial for Harris is scheduled for sometime in May.