Slocomb E-911

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Residents and business owners can expect to pay more for phone service in coming months.

The county E911 Board unanimously approved a motion Tuesday to charge an extra dollar per month for phone users.

News 4’s Mike Gurspan says it appears to be part of a plan to have a centralized communication system.

Dorothy Cooper has been dispatching police and fire calls for the city of Slocomb over the last five years, but recently, the single mom learned that the city may contract with Geneva County's E911 Communication Center to handle dispatch services. If that's approved, Dorothy is not sure if she'll still have a job.

Slocomb Police Chief David Land says he understands the need for funds but, he doesn't feel like his city should pay more than any other agency for central communication.

Land says, “The residents of Slocomb are not going to pay more than any other municipality in Geneva County, and that's the gist of it, if we can't come up with a fair deal for everyone, just forget it.”

In order to increase revenue by 130-thousand dollars, the board approved a motion for all residents and businesses to pay an additional dollar on their monthly phone bills.

Geneva County E911 offered to handle Slocomb’s police and fire dispatch for $18,000 per year.

It’ll be up to the Slocomb town council to decide whether to go with the county or maintain their own service.