Doctors May be Soon Be Owners of Local Hospital

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Some local doctors may soon be taking on a project that would not only leave them as the physicians of a local hospital, but also the owners.

Annie Hill is a resident of Troy and is pleased to know the Troy Regional Medical Center could soon be switching ownership. "I would like to; like I said, the doctors can have their patients going in to it and we'll still have a hospital here in Troy, close by, we need it," she said.

The plan began about six months ago when the current owners, Attentus Healthcare, decided it was not as profitable as they had wanted.

Troy Regional Medical Center Representative Joel Williams says the hospital is more concerned about the community than making a profit. "It's not an entry on a spread sheet for us,” he says. “It’s where our babies are born and where we rely on emergencies."

The plan to purchase the hospital is a combined effort of 12 to 14 doctors and a local business man involved with hospital finance.

Williams says having local ownership would be a great asset to the community as a whole. "If there's any improvement that needs to be made, the very first people who will know it will be the people who own the place," he says.

Hill says the possible change will make for an even better hospital. She adds that the change would be "Good because the doctors here in Troy, they know the patients and the people that will be coming in and out of the hospital."

Williams says he has heard a positive response from the community and even some that want to join in purchasing the hospital

Williams says a plan has been made to take out a loan and repay it through the hospital, which means taxpayers will not have to dish out any extra money for the change.

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