Christine "CC" Bray Update

It's a great birthday present for a Fort Rucker girl.

Christine "CC" Bray turned 10 years old Friday and she's celebrating her birthday in the hospital.

She left the Dothan airport nearly two weeks ago to have a bone marrow transplant done in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She and her family have been waiting since April for the call that doctors had found a match.

CC has Fanconi anemia, a blood disease that can lead to leukemia or other cancers.

CC had the transplant Thursday, but because of organ donor rules, she'll never find out who gave her the bone marrow.

Her mom, Jennifer, said she has at least four months of recovery time ahead with the next three weeks being the most crucial.

If you'd like to send a card or letter to CC Bray, the address is:

Fairview University Medical Center Children's Hospital
500 Southeast Harvard Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455

You can also look for frequent updates on her Web site,