Domestic Violence

Dothan Police get 150-250 domestic violence calls every year. Learning how to deal with the situation and the victims can be challenging. So, police officers held a make-believe courtroom to help train for these calls.

During the mock trial, the case was simple. A boyfriend has physically abused his girlfriend and now she's partially deaf in one ear.

But, this situation was all too real for one woman whose husband beat her. She talked to News 4 about her life as an abused wife in December. She says “he would get violent over the simplest things, if I was gone too long, if he thought I was gone longer than I needed to be”.

When "Janet" lived at the House of Ruth, they didn't have these mock trials but the shelter's director, Beverly Youse, says training sessions like it give the women she works with hope.

Statistics show domestic violence cases are the most dangerous calls police officers answer and most are aware their lives could be in danger.

Police also tell us the winter months are the worst because most people stay inside, they get cramped and become irritable.