The Search for Bigfoot in Geneva

Several Wiregrass ranchers say something large and unusually powerful has been killing their cattle.

A California-based research team believes the culprit is a creature, often referred to as "Big Foot".

For two-decades, Californian Tom Biscardi and his team of researchers have traveled much of the country tracking down leads on a large, powerful, hairy creature.

Reported video has been taken of the creature over the years.

Depending on the section of the country, it’s been referred to as Bigfoot, Woolly Booger, and Skunk Ape down in the Florida Everglades:

Founder of Bigfoot Inc. , Tom Biscardi said, "Walking leisurely, just looking at my guys by the tree line; he went toward the creek, the bogs. That's how they remain hidden from man."

The team employs thousands of dollars worth of infra-red, and heat seeking equipment, trying to catch a glimpse of a reported shy creature that has been spotted in brief moments over the last century.

Bigfoot Team Member Steve Kulls said, "The sighting here in Alabama, I saw him for 3-to-5 seconds in a cow pasture. We caught him with the thermal imager. He didn't even know we saw him."

Bigfoot Team Member T.J. Biscardi said, "He could have thrown me two-hundred yards back with the others. He was in excess of eight feet tall, and four-foot wide. Just looking at him, you could tell he was very powerful."

Biscardi and his team plan to spend several more days tracking down Bigfoot sightings between the Asbury Community and Samson, along the Coffee/Geneva County Line.

For more information on the creature and the team members, you can go to the website:

Group Founder Tom Biscardi and his team plan next to investigate a sighting in Montana.