Dothan Animal Shelter Renovations

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The city has been diligently working to provide better living conditions for misplaced animals at the Dothan City Animal Shelter.

With a bad drainage system, poor ventilation, and small kennels, the shelter was unable to sustain a healthy environment.

News 4 went to the animal shelter on Tuesday to see how things have shaped up since the renovation began. We found the shelter has come a long way.

With newer facilities and some new staff, the shelter has made tremendous improvements on its animal care.

Construction at the Dothan City Animal Shelter has been going on for about a year and a half now.

Corporal William Wozniak has been working at the shelter since September, and says the progress is amazing. "With the new kennel that was built, we've taken out all the animals, put them in kennels, and now, they are actually in a 5x5/5x10 area where they can actually move a little bit freely. They’re not cooped up in a 23/26 inch kennel."

A new and improved drainage system helps dispose of waste easier, making the atmosphere more sanitary.

A renovated vent system is also important, especially in the newly painted puppy room.

Chief Animal Service Officer Renee Skipper said, "The vent system brings good air in and bad air out, so it helps circulate the air."

It also helps reduce odors and keeps the room at cool temperatures.

Other key elements include new flooring, new security lights, and a surrounding fence.

Skipper added, "I'm so proud and everyone needs to really come out and look, because the city's done a remarkable job. I'm very proud of all the renovations."

Most importantly, these changes reduce the amount of illnesses animals are susceptible too, making them healthy, happy, and more likely to be adopted.

The shelter is expected to be fully finished by the end of the month.

They are waiting for new cage doors in the puppy room, new cat cages, and the outside of building to be repainted.

If you would like to visit the facility to see the changes, or adopt a pet, you can give them a call at 615-4620 for more information.

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